Retiree Benefits

FOP & Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

The Purpose of Our Collaboration

The FOP is dedicated to helping all of its members and their families thrive and improve their standard of living. That's why the FOP has teamed up with Aetna to offer four Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO plan options. Each option provides comprehensive medical, prescription, hearing, and vision benefits. These benefits include plans to fit any budget.

Police officers face many challenges in ensuring a secure future in retirement. Public pensions are being attacked, there’s been uncertainty around health care, and more retirees are struggling financially. The FOP continues to fight to protect the retirement security that our members deserve after a career of service.

We support the mission of the FOP through our Aetna Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage. We’re helping them deliver on their promise to provide a high quality national health program. This program covers retired police officers and spouses, offering benefits in your local communities to improve physical, mental, and emotional health at an affordable cost. It’s time you receive the health coverage you deserve so you can enjoy your retirement and live your best lives.
To learn more download the PDF and/or watch the Aetna and FOP video below.
Aetna Program Brochure PDF

WAFOP and Thin Blue Line Benefits

Health Care Solutions for retired members of Washington State FOP

Individual, Spouse, and Family Plan Options
Utilizes The Cigna Network Nationwide*
Rx, Labs, Imaging, Hospital/Urgent Cares
Great Rates for our Heroes and their families!

Questions? Contact Dave Haller by calling (509) 947-7177
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WAFOP Qualifying LEOSA Shoots

Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) Firearms Qualification Program

In accordance with 18 US Code §926(C) ALL Retired and Qualified Law Enforcement Officers* with at least 10 years of service; are eligible to participate in annual Firearms Qualifications which allow them to carry a concealed weapon in all 50 states and US territories subject to that jurisdictions Concealed Carry Laws.

To be eligible to participate, officers MUST have a valid agency issued Photo ID stating they are Retired/Qualified.

Officers completing qualification course will be issued a LEOSA Firearms Card valid for one year. Qualification cards must be renewed annually to be valid. All applicants must meet all the requirements of federal law, must have valid photographic Retired/Qualified credentials issued by their agency, and must not have been at any time be decertified or disqualified.
All applicants will be vetted against the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission Decertification List and the National Decertification Index.

The following Washington State FOP Lodges are authorized to conduct these qualifications subject to standards set forth the Washington state FOP LEOSA Program and the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission.

Lodge 1 Kitsap County

- Conducts two qualifications events per year in March and September
- Applications: FOP Ever Green Lodge
- POC: Dan Phillips leosa.wafop@gmail.com

Lodge 7 Tri-Cities

- Conducts one event per year
- POC: Rick Marquette email: rc-marquette@hotmail.com

Lodge 31 Jefferson County

- Conducts one event per year
- POC: Jeremy Vergin email: jeremy.vergin@gmail.com
FOP Evergreen Lodge 1 will be holding its second and final qualification shoot of the year on Sunday, August 22nd from 1300-1500 at Poulsbo Sportsmans Club 16990 Clear Creek Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370,

New applicants please complete the attached forms and provide a copy of your retired LEO credential and return with your payment (FOP Paypal link) to this email; ot mail with a check for payment to FOP. ,PO Box 3189, Silverdale, WA 98383. Application must be received no later than Wednesday, 18 August.

Past qualifiers
For those who qualified with us before please reply to this email with your RSVP to include your current card number and payment: Reminder, who qualified last August this will be your last opportunity to qualify before your current LEOSA card expires. (If you can not make this event, you may contact the FOP Lodge 31 or the WA Criminal Justice Training Commission for available qualification dates.)
LEOSA Application




Questions related to qualification and eligibility should be directed to
the Washington State LEOSA Program Chair Dan Phillips leosa.wafop@gmail.com


Q: I am an out of state officer residing in Washington may still qualify?

A: Yes, but you must possess a Washington driver’s license or State ID.

Q: I have served over 10 years with my agency and was medically retired, but was not issued photographic credentials, how do I qualify.

A: While most agencies do issue retired officers and some qualified officers credentials, Under law there is no requirement for agencies to do so, and it is up to the discretion of the head of the issuing agency. Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission has a template letter for your former agency that is acceptable for qualification proving your agency.

Q: I am a retire Military Police Officer but did not receive credentials other than my Retired Armed Forces ID can I qualify?

A: You pay present your DD214 and any certificate showing you meet the qualifications as proof of qualification this and your retired military ID are sufficient to qualify. However, this may present issues even with a qualification card when traveling outside of Washington. It is strongly suggested you apply for a retired LEOSA ID through the Defense Consulting Service or your last command.

Q: I left my last agency voluntarily after 10 years in lieu of termination, am I still eligible?.

A: No, All applicants are vetted against the Washington Criminal Justice training Commissions Decertified List and the National Decertification Index.

Q: I am the subject of a restraining order, am I allowed to qualify?

A: No, If your right to own or possess a firearm has been suspended or revoked by due process of law.

Q: Does the LEOSA Qualification card allow me to carry at any time anywhere?

A: No. When carrying in a particular state you are subject to their LEOSA and concealed carry laws. LEOSA does not exempt individuals from federal laws or regulations that restrict the carrying of firearms onto aircraft or other common carriers, or on the premises of federal buildings, property, or national parks. As well, LEOSA does not exempt an individual from state laws that allow persons to prohibit firearms on private or public property. We recommend that you consult an attorney if you have questions concerning the interpretation of these restrictions.

Q: Am I required to have some sort of liability insurance to carry my firearm?

A: While not required it is strongly recommended you obtain LEOSA insurance available from some providers.

Q: What do I need to travel or fly with my firearm?

A: You must carry both your agency issued credentials and your annual firearm qualification card. Your firearm must be unloaded with the magazine removed and the firearm and ammunition locked in a container inside your luggage preferred, Check with your local airline regulations. Insure you check the conceal carry laws in the state in which you are traveling.

Q: Does a LEOSA firearms Qualification card serve the same purpose as a Concealed Weapon permit for the purchase of Firearms and allow me to skip the waiting period.

A: No, Firearms purchase are regulated by the state and federal government.

Q: Am I required to qualify with and carry only a specific firearm, e.g. make/model serial number?

A: No, You may qualify with both a revolver and semi-automatic pistol and may carry any type, any caliber of either you qualify with. All qualifiers must use factory loaded ammunition only.