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WAFOP Sponsored Group Medical Plan
Updated On: Apr 03, 2020

Washington State FOP Sponsored Group Medical Benefit Plan

Washington State FOP has a great opportunity to develop a medical plan for FOP member groups.  The much anticipated and necessary plan would offer your group a choice of different medical benefit plans similar to some of the popular plans currently being used by groups in the state.  Having a plan exclusive to FOP members plan allows the FOP control over the rates, benefits and direction of the plan.  This also means the plan can be tweaked to include benefits and features that are important to law enforcement but are not as relevant to other employees in your current employer-controlled group benefit plan.

Some of the features of the WA FOP plan:

  • Rates are below current rates for similar plans.  Rates will not change for 2021. Your group can save money compared to your current rates and even more when the rates for your current plan increase for 2021.   There is also a rate cap for 2022 to reflect the insurance carrier’s commitment to our partnership.
  • The lower premium amounts allow participation groups that ability to create strategies for their savings.  Those dollars can be used to increase salary, purchase the FOP disability plan, contribute to the FOP-sponsored Medical Savings Trust, or other needs your group may have.
  • The group plan can offer a benefit plan for retirees under age 65 and continued coverage into the FOP Medicare plan.  This plan allows the FOP to provide seamless coverage from your date of hire through retirement.
  • This medical plan includes one of the most robust Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) available. The EAP is also connected with some of the facilities vetted and accredited by FOP National for having superior PTSD resources specifically for law enforcement.

Other features in the plan include:

  • Teladoc – providing the convenience of talking with a doctor without having to go into the office.
  • A high-level In Touch Care program to help guide members through their medical conditions.
  • A website and mobile high-quality user-experience available for members.
  • And more…

You can expect to receive an excellent benefit plan, competitive rates, strategic options for use of savings, special features designed for specifically for law enforcement, and a plan directed by FOP to make sure the plan remains focused on your needs - not the needs of a general employee population.

To make this happen your help is needed to provide some information specific to your group.   If you are interested, contact our broker, Russ Bong ( ph 206-612-0235) to discuss your needs and what is needed to move ahead.  The sooner the information is provided, the sooner the rates and benefits can be confirmed.   Please contact Russ quickly.


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