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Trademark:  In accordance with the National Constitution, Article 1, Section 2 and Article 8, Section 3 and the National By-Laws, Article 1, the National Board of Trustees shall establish rules pertaining to the use of the Fraternal Order of Police name, insignia, and logo; known collectively as “the marks.”


  Lodges shall be granted permission for use of the marks for identification purposes (for example: lodge business cards, letterhead, building signs, promotional material for recruitment and fund raising material).


 No member shall sell, give or loan to a non-member any item bearing the words “active member” nor items that would lead a reasonable person to believe that such persons displaying such item is an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police.  Bumper stickers or similar decals used in fund raising by lodges shall include the words or wording “booster, sponsor or supporter.”  Upon receipt of notification by the National Secretary of violation(s) to this rule, the following shall occur: (Amended NBM 3/06)
Active member vehicle emblems, decals and license plates shall only be displayed by the member themselves or those of his/her immediate family still living in the household.
Lodges may be granted use of the marks to commemorate a special occasion such as a State Conference or National Conference to help defray the cost of such an event.  This permission may include a surcharge to the Grand Lodge.
Lodges may be granted use of the marks for civic activities such as a Torch Run, little league athletic team uniforms and the like.


1.      The State Lodge shall conduct an investigation which shall include a written report detailing the member’s statement, the number of incidents where the member violated this rule and the action taken by the State Lodge.


2.      The State Lodge shall submit a copy of the report to the National Secretary.


3.      Members who violate this rule shall be banned from purchasing FOP items from the National Lodge or the Fraternal Order of Police official merchandiser.


4.      State Lodges are directed to take these violations as serious breeches and shall comply with this rule within sixty (60) days of notification of violation(s). An extension may be requested when circumstances do not allow a lodge to complete the investigation within the sixty (60) days. Extensions may be granted in thirty (30) day increments.


Ma      Manufacturing or production of items bearing the marks that are in competition with the sale of Grand Lodge merchandise is prohibited.  Specialty items shall require a licensing agreement or Memorandum of Understanding between the Grand Lodge and the lodge requesting permission and a royalty fee paid.


As in all cases of intended use of the marks written permission shall be requested from the National Secretary.  Such request shall set out specific information as to the item(s) produced, quantity of items, the vendor or manufacturer, time period of sale and other such details as may be requested.  A written licensing agreement or Memorandum of Understanding will be completed by the requesting party and returned to the Grand Lodge office within ten days.  (Post NBM 8/95)


Us    USE of Marks for Commercial Purposes


(A) No member shall use or display the marks in any manner that expresses or implies that the Fraternal Order of Police endorses, operates or is otherwise affiliated with a commercial enterprise. 

 B) No member shall use or display the marks in any manner that is or could be disparaging, deleterious or damaging to the integrity, reputation or good will of the Fraternal Order of Police.

        (Amended NBM 3/09)








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